Have you already thought about Christmas?

Have you already thought about Christmas?

Seasonal events such as Christmas are particularly well suited to catch the attention of customers, employees, suppliers or during the Christmas business. This is how to be remembered positively in the long term. Customized advertising materials, such as printed garment bags, umbrellas, bags, etc. are usually Far East productions, because they are needed in large quantities. Depending on the product, you can design your personal advertising material already from 1,000 pcs. and choose size, material or accessories. Just send us a request here.

Gioconda® – The reliable partner who won’t leave you out in the rain

We know how important it is to receive advertising material on time. Therefore we attach great importance to deliver all products at the fastest possible time and to meet the delivery dates which are calculated by us.

What’s important for you at Christmas business:

For Far East articles: If your order is placed until 31.07.2018, you will usually receive your promotional items in November.

For stock items: neutral products will be delivered immediately, with your own logo or advertising within a few days after approval.