Gioconda went Hollywood

Did you already know?

Our products take part in many film, theater and television productions.

Theatermagazines & Props,  Location Shots (transport to the location)

Costumes are often handmade, very valuable and have to be protected carefully from dust and wetness. Therefore we offer our customers a huge selection of individual garment bags, garment stand covers and other custom orders especially for theater, musical and opera productions.

For shootings outside with different weather conditions we offer special garment bags for transporting clothes of e.g. the actors secure and dry to the location.

Almost (secret) Movie & YouTube Stars

In many films the products of our house, in the truest sense of the world, are playing a “carrying” role.

For the movie “Deutschland. Ein Sommermärchen” we delivered the garment bags for the national footbal team of Germany.

There are also television producers who order regularly custom made products in exclusiv colors and specific sizes e.g. for the RTL production “Mein Leben und ich” with actress Wolke Hegenbarth.

We also already made it up to Hollywood. A famous hollywood star buys a suit from a big german men’s tailor and carries it afterwards outside the store in a garment bag – last one was delivered by us.