Garment bag for pet clothing – 4187 (35 x 50 cm, black)

Garment bag for pet clothing

Item-No. 4187 (35 x 50 cm, black)

Small garment protection cover for luxury pet clothing.





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The product is made in far east, delivery time approx. 60-120 days.

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  • We have garment bags for dogs or cats clothing available in our product range since many years. As a rule it’s about small animals, for which the owners buy a suitable piece of garment and carry them home in a garment bags or a well-looking garment covers with an advertising imprint.

    The requirements to such a garment bag for pet clothing aren’t very different to garment bags in general: easy transport, good safekeeping, a high-quality advertising message and protection of wetness and dust.

    • Garment bag and garment cover for pet clothing
    • Dimensions, colours and materials as desired
    • Custom-made products also for animal blankets
    • Advertising imprint possible
  • The given dimensions and colours refer to the shown product.

    Garment bags for pet clothing are usually significantly smaller than the garment bags for the dogs and cats lovers themselves. In that it’s always a tailor-made product. In general there is the same option when chosing materials and colours like all other garment covers: pp non woven, nylon, peva or cotton blended farbrics.