Garment Stand Cover – 2190 (150 x 180 x 57 cm, blue)

Garment Stand Cover

Item-No. 2190 (150 x 180 x 57 cm, blue)

Garment stand cover without bottom or zipper.




Cotton blend fabric, Nylon

Other dimensions and colors

According to instructions


As desired

Production in our company in GER, delivery time approx. 10 days.

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  • The garment stand cover is classic for all kinds of clothes racks. It’s usually used as a protection of dust, wetness, dirt and rain and is also available in transparent or with your personal imprint.

    Please tell us your desired size when ordering.

  • Due to our production in Germany we can realise single-unit productions and small-scale orders.
    Normally, the shown article can be produced (according to your instructions) and delivered in a few days. The delivery time when ordering larger quantities is extended.

    In that we are still producing by ourselves (cutting, designing, prepressing, printing, sewing and complementing) we are flexible and fast.