Printable small cosmetic bag – 5767 (25,5 x 18 cm, black)

Printable small cosmetic bag

Item-No. 5767 (25,5 x 18 cm, black)

High-quality cosmetic bag made of Canvas-Cotton.





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The product is made in far east, delivery time approx. 60-120 days.

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  • This elegant cosmetic bag is a give-away and designed to get embroidered or printed individually. This is how it turns into n unique customer present which stays in mind and enhances customer loyalty. All these bags can be printed or embroidered additionally with a logo or drawing. Own labels or embossed zippers are possible as well.

    Cosmetic bags like this are available in any desired dimension and material. As plain model like the shown one or an elaborate bag as stand-alone product. As manufacturer we know what is important. See for yourself. To request your personal cosmetic bag click

  • When desired, we offer this article also in other sizes, in several colours, with snap fastener or flaps and with/ without viewing window.

    A custom order according to your ideas is depending on the quantity you need. As a general rule of thumb, we need a minimum quantity to realise a request. If we can use an material, which we have in stock anyhow, we can produce custom orders normally from approx. 1.000 pcs. By using unusual materials, specific accessories etc. the requested quantity could be much larger.