Bed Linen-Bags – 5460 (64 x 44 x 24 cm, blue)

Bed Linen-Bags

Item-No. 5460 (64 x 44 x 24 cm, blue)

Protective quilt bags with zipper, carrying handles and viewing window.




Non woven 80 g

Other dimensions and colors

According to instructions


As desired

The product is made in far east, delivery time approx. 60-120 days.

Request/ Order

  • These bed linen bags are designed to be used in speciality stores for storing, presenting and transporting bed linens. They are ideal for quilts, down comforters, bedspreads and much more.

  • Some articles can only be produced in our production facilities in far east caused by their requirements (e. g. umbrellas) and for financial reasons. This is meant for almost all of our garment covers and bags which are convenient and are needed in a larger quantity.

    A custom order according to your ideas is depending on the quantity you need. As a rule we need a minimum quantity to realize a request. If we can use staple goods we can produce custom orders normally from approx. 3.000 pcs. By using unusual materials, specific ingredients etc. the needed quantity could be much larger.

    Call orders/ Picking

    To bridge the time gap we also offer to stock your ordered garment bags, advertising umbrellas and tote bags and deliver by call. For some customers, we print stock items later in our location in Germany.