Carrying bag for protective vests & police vests – 5326 (74 x 58 x 12 cm, black)

Carrying bag for protective vests & police vests

Item-No. 5326 (74 x 58 x 12 cm, black)

Robust and upholstered carrying bag with zipper, two handle lengths and inner pockets.




PES 1680 D/ PU (coated)

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Small quantities are manufactured here in Germany, delivery time approx. 10 days – Larger quantities are made in our Far East production, delivery time approx. 60-90 days.

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  • Carrying bags and transport bags for safety vests have various applications and can be tailored according to your needs. It is important that these bags can stand heavy-duty use, are robust, sturdy and have a long durability. Many emergency forces transport their uniforms, including protection vests, to the scene and site of action in the team car. The protection vest is a lifesaving component of the equipment and has to be stowed properly and protected from moisture and dirt. Fast access to the vest needs to be guaranteed during an operation.

    Carrying bags and storing bags for protection vests are not only useful for the transport but are also suitable for the storage of bulletproof vests during mission breaks or shift changes. In addition these bags can be printed individually and can be assigned directly to the current unit, police officer or soldier, to avoid unintended mistakes.

    These transport bags and carrying bags are also suitable for security staff, policemen or soldiers in military missions. Furthermore the transport bag can be adapted to the any demand and can be equipped additionally with pockets , zippers, eyelets etc.

  • Due to our production in Germany we can realize single-unit productions and small-scale orders. Normally, the shown article can be produced (according to your instructions) and delivered in a few days.

    The delivery time when ordering larger quantities is extended. For cost minimization large-scale orders can also be divided up. One part can be produced in our company in Germany for a faster delivery, and the second part in our contracted partner companies abroad.