Bridal Gown Bag transparent/ non woven – 4691 (60 x 185 x 20 cm, transparent/ non woven)

Bridal Gown Bag transparent/ non woven

Item-No. 4691 (60 x 185 x 20 cm, transparent/ non woven)

Breathable bridal gown/ evening gown cover with zipper closure, viewing window, carrying loop and side gussets.




PE clear, non woven 50 g

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The product is made in far east, delivery time approx. 60-120 days.

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  • Our new bridal gown bag has a transparent front panel and a back panel made of breathable fabric  (PP). This high quality bag has a full-length  zipper closure, tapered side panels and a clear invoice and/or.  alteration instructions pocket (small insert pocket) at the top. A sturdy loop for the garment hanger is sewn into the bottom seam, allowing the gown cover to be folded for easy carrying. These superior quality bags can also be custom printed with your logo.

  • You miss a special size or colour?

    We make bridal gown bags in any desired sizes. It is also possible to change details or attach individual advertising.

    As a rule we can produce individual dimensions from approx. 1.000 pieces.

    The individual printing of our standard covers is possible from 50 pieces.