Zippered Garment Bag for Evening Wear – 1706 (60 x 130 x 16 cm, black)

Zippered Garment Bag for Evening Wear

Item-No. 1706 (60 x 130 x 16 cm, black)

Evening wear covers with zipper, viewing window, integrate eyelet for garment hanger, side gussets.




Non woven 50 g

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Art. 1708: 60 x 155 x 16 cm, black


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  • Our quality garment bags for evening wear have a zipper closure, side panels, small viewing window and a clear pocket for invoices or alteration instructions. An eyelet is sewn into the bottom seam for the garment hanger enabling the bag to be comfortably and easily carried. Further models can be found here.

    • Zipper closure
    • Side panels
    • Small viewing window
    • Pocket for invoices
    • Eyelet for simple transport
    • Black available from stock/ white on request
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    This garment bag is a standardised product. Many other types are already available in stock. Choose dimensions, colours, materials and further accessory like handles, eyelets or additional pockets.