Disposable Make-Up Protection Masks / Try On Masks – 1868 (one size, 100 pcs. per box)

Disposable Make-Up Protection Masks / Try On Masks

Item-No. 1868 (one size, 100 pcs. per box)

Make-up protection masks, comfortable, lightweight nonwoven fabric for one-time use.




Non woven 18 g

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  • Our disposable make-up protection masks protect your apparel against stains from lipstick and make-up. Avoid high cleaning costs or expensive replacement costs and protect your garments from make-up and lipstip stains on the dress. Expensive ladies suits, pullover or wedding dresses with thight necklines are soiled very quick and a costly make-up is easily damaged. Protection covers avoid anger and stress while trying on or changing the costume.

    Scarves and cloths typically offered to customers in dressing rooms  are perceived as uncomfortable – with our make-up masks you have a professional and hygienic sales aid that not only protect your gowns but also your customer’s make up. These masks are in stock for immediate delivery.

    Make-Up-protection from stains.
    No Make-Up stains anymore.
    Light Make-Up protection mask, comfortable to wear.
    Light, comfortable & hygienic application.
    Hygienic disposable application.Simple and clean disposable product.
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