Wardrobe Bag/ Coat Check-bags – 5918 (65 x 48 cm, natural)

Wardrobe Bag/ Coat Check-bags

Item-No. 5918 (65 x 48 cm, natural)

Die cut bag as a practical storage option at the cloakroom.




Cotton blend fabric

Other dimensions and colors

According to instructions


As desired

Small quantities are manufactured here in Germany, delivery time approx. 10 days – Larger quantities are made in our Far East production, delivery time approx. 60-90 days.

Request/ Order

  • These coat check bags were specially created for a museum abroad. Due to their security and safety regulations, guests are not allowed to bring handbags or other personal belongings into the museum. The museum was looking for a way to allow it’s guests to safely store their belongings at the coat check stand and this bag was the perfect solution. We have also produced similar bags for exhibitions and events in other public and government facilities with great success.

  • Due to our production in Germany we can realize single-unit productions and small-scale orders. Normally, the shown article can be produced (according to your instructions) and delivered in a few days.

    The delivery time when ordering larger quantities is extended. For cost minimization large-scale orders can also be divided up. One part can be produced in our company in Germany for a faster delivery, and the second part in our contracted partner companies abroad.