Nylon for bags, covers and totes

Nylon fabric

Nylon belongs to the group of polyamides. These are polymers, which are formed by repetitive amide bonds. By polymerisation of hexamethylendiamin and adipic acid nylon is created. Nylon fabric has been the first synthetic fibre which was made completely of anorganic sources. It absorbs energy better than other fabrics. Moreover, Nylon stands out due to its robust structure as well as its low moisture absorption properties. This makes nylon ideal as material for many different products.

Gioconda's Nylon-made products:

We offer for example:

  • Nylon bags
  • Cosmetic bags
  • Backpacks
  • Sewn garment bags


Tear-resistant and flexible in every situation

Polyamides are known as strong fabrics. Therefore they are very sturdy but also flexible and elastic, too. It does not tear off, even when heavy weights are used. Thus, Nylon can be found in the production of parachutes as well as of hot-air balloons. It is also processed in tires and in ropes. Due to its fine and silky surface Nylon is a popular material for tights. Because the fabric can also be used for breathable appareal, there are also lots of Nylon-made garments. Blouses, shirts and further products like bags and covers.

Nylon - The quality fabric

We use Nylon for a variety of our articles, because the fabric is ideal for the production of packagings and garments. Bags, backpacks and covers keep - or return to their original shape, after squeezing and also keep their optical attractiveness. Silk-Nylon is perfectly suited for the production of cosmetic bags and backpacks. Furthermore, we also like to use this material for tablecloths and suit covers because of its stable fibre structure. Our products are suitable as a nice advertising present, because they can be printed individually or a logo or slogan can be added. The high quality of our products confirms that Nylon is a reliable fabric which guarantees a good first impression.