Non woven fabric for garment bags

What is non woven material?

Non woven is a textile laminary tissue. It's generated by extrusion and strain hardening of fibres. In some of our products we use polypropylene (pp). The material is delivered in granules , is extruded and comes out of the extruder in thin “hairlines” , called filaments. These filaments are bounded by heat. The final result  is a "textile" look-and-feel fabric, which can be made in different weight ranges per sqm. We use for our garment bags a range from 50g to 100g per square metre. Less is too thin for garment covers, more is too inflexible for garment bags (too hard/stiff). For carry  bags we usually recommend a material thickness from 75g to 120g - in individual cases also 150g/m2.

PP non-woven:  One fabric - many possibilities

PP non woven is applicable in many different sectors. For example it is used for cosmetic products as well as medical products and garments (linings), in the furniture industry (rear panel of sofas), in the building industry, vehicle manufacturing, farming and packaging industry.

PP non-woven at Gioconda

Non woven fabric is a convenient material, has a textile look-and-feel, is odorless and from the environmental point of view a sound solution, because it is reusable. We use non-wovens for: garment covers, tote bags, make-up protection covers and for packaging solutions like special scratch protection covers.

What's the unique selling point of our PP non-woven garment bags and totes?

We pay attention on:
- Use of 100% pure polypropylen (without cheap fillers or hazardous chemical agents)
- Use of material with fine surface structure
- A deep colored material
- At the production of garment bags we usually work with the matt finished side at the outside (higher value appearance and better  look-and-feel, but also more difficult to print)
- When printing we pay attention on a good opacity and clear contours
- The workmanship of our carrying bags and garment bags is very good: clear seams and lines

This you should know

We are convinced:  Your  brand name  should marks perfect products only -if you want to advertise with your good name - even when it is  "just" a carry bag. Our products often make the first impression which you cannot make twice.

We are pleased to advice you and like to demonstrate to you the special features and USPs of our range. Trust our experience.