Protective Furniture Shipping Covers – 3371 (80 x 43 cm, black)

Protective Furniture Shipping Covers

Item-No. 3371 (80 x 43 cm, black)

Protective scratching covers for the furniture industry - protection for high-polished shelves and shelf boards.




Non woven 75 g

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The product is made in far east, delivery time approx. 60-120 days.

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  • Protect the surfaces of your beautifully lacquered products, or sensitive products made from aluminium or stainless steel, from scuffs and scratches during shipping. The protective cover shown here, made from high quality nonwoven fabric, was specially produced and used to cover a high-gloss book case prior to it being put inside the shipping carton.

  • Covers made of non woven can be produced especially according to the function and can be adapted exactly to special shapes. The grammage (thickness of the material) can be chosen as well as the desired color of the material. Many customers want to add an imprint with their logo and/or a print with care labels or instructions for installations.

    The delivery time depends on the needed quantity and the requirements. Making a preproduction sample in Germany is possible within a few days.