Scratch protective Bags for sensitive surfaces

Here you'll find tailor-made products and packagings for products with sensitive surfaces, like stainless steel, precious metal, aluminium, high-gloss lacquer or leather. Examples for applications: lamps, leather bags, shelves or lacquered surfaces.

Scratch protective covers for lamps – 5147 (43 x 65 x 25 cm, white)

Scratch protective covers for lamps

Scratch protection for sensitive surfaces made for shipment or st...

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Protective Covers – 5146 (25 x 30 cm, white)

Protective Covers

Protective covers and envelopes with logo imprint in individual s...

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Protective Furniture Shipping Covers – 3371 (80 x 43 cm, black)

Protective Furniture Shipping Covers

Protective scratching covers for the furniture industry - protect...

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This you should know about scratch protective covers

Many customers are looking for packaging to protect sensitive surfaces from scratches, chafe marks and pressure marks.

These damages occur while the packed article moves during the transport, e. g. a high gloss lacquered shelf in a cardboard.

As special solution we offer non-woven covers and protective covers for the protection of lacquered surfaces, matt and glossy plastic surfaces, stainless steel and aluminium surfaces, decorative parts and optical devices as well as lamps.

This two- or three-dimensional protective packaging can be combined with your personal advertising. Accessories like zipper, hooks and eyelets can also be taken into consideration.

By this, sensitive surfaces and coatings are perfectly protected from dirt, dust, water, sunlight and mechanical stress …