Automobile Applications

We offer protective covers for cars in different shapes and materials: PP non woven, cotton and impregnated tissues as well as promotional umbrellas and special products.

Car Cover for indoor/ outdoor application – 5679

Car Cover for indoor/ outdoor application

Protective cover for cars, also printable with your advertising l...

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Clap MAXX – 1043-01 (black)


Ultra Engineering – Ultra Comfortable - Printable on all panels, ...

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Little MAXX – 1039-01 (black)

Little MAXX

The little MAXX with imprint on panels, cover or closure band.

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This you should know about article for automobile requirements

On request we can also make bags and cases for the luggage compartment or the car interior.

Especially umbrellas are popular: As a customer gift  (from car dealer to buyers of a new cars)  or as a  loyalty reward for regular garage service customers.