MAXX-Collection with print

Our MAXX collection consists of regular and foldable umbrellas with special features. Here you'll find individual printable umbrellas which are well suitable for your personal advertising message - telescopic umbrellas as soon as regular umbrellas:

The Fesche MAXX – 1051-02 (navy)

The Fesche MAXX

Our brand new model: Elegant and modern regular umbrella. Availab...

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MAXX Reverso – Fancy promotional umbrella – 1050-04 (red)

MAXX Reverso – Fancy promotional umbrella

Extraordinary Design-umbrella, which stands independently and clo...

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Clap MAXX – 1043-01 (black)


Ultra Engineering – Ultra Comfortable - Printable on all panels, ...

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RetroMAXX – Regular Umbrella in Retro Style – 1044-98 (transparent)

RetroMAXX – Regular Umbrella in Retro Style

Super Stylish – Super Chic

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Economy MAXX – 1047-03 (ligt grey)

Economy MAXX

The Master of Price and Performance with a hook handle.

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MAXX City – 1049-04 (red)


Best in price and performance with many different colours.

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MAXX Active – 1048-03 (light grey)

MAXX Active

The Master of Price and Performance with a straight wooden handle...

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Little MAXX – 1039-01 (black)

Little MAXX

The little MAXX with imprint on panels, cover or closure band.

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This you should know about MAXX umbrella collection – also with advertising

These advertising umbrellas and promotional umbrellas are all available from stock and printable: Whether extremely big or extremely small and light, transparent, with smart double-closing, extraordinary elegant, extra convenient or in retro style.

Extraordinary features of regular and compact  umbrellas

Every folding umbrella has at least on unique feature which stands out from usual regular or compact, telescopic umbrellas.

Quality of umbrellas

All umbrellas are equipped with high-quality fibreglass ribs and are perfectly suitable for an imprint with your personal logo. For this reason “your” umbrella is a sturdy one.

Further information on the MAXX collection