Printable regular umbrellas and telescopic umbrellas - ex stock

What you should know before buying foldable umbrellas

Our umbrellas are - in the truest sense of the word - outstanding and long-term advertising tool for your company.

Selection & Range of Functions of compact umbrellas

Choose the suitable type and your desired colour from our huge product range: Our umbrelles are different in size, functionality and their point of use. The requierements of small collapsible umbrellas which are made for e. g. cars are not comparable to a concierge umbrellas for guests of hotels.

First of all, you should decide what kind of umbrella you are looking for and after that which type and colour. Additional functions are important, too: e. g. automatic or manual opening/closing.

The quality of our foldable brollies

An umbrella is an excellent and long-term advertising medium. There are only a few promotion tools where is such a big difference between valuation (for the end consumers) and actual price.

To achieve such a long-lasting advertising effect, the umbrella has to fulfil several quality features and should be printed with your name or logo.

The quality of our umbrellas in detail

The deveplopment of our umbrellas is based on our long-time experience. Details and accessories are always coordinated. We pay attention on the quality of all single elements, e. g. fibreglass ribs (also used in convenient basis types) and technical finesses like finger guards, teflon coating, high-quality pongee covers at many types and many more.

Our premium types offers partly well-thought-out technic and special features. A unique one is e. g. the miniaturized and extremely light telescopic umbrella: the little MAXX. The Clap MAXX has a inspiring technic, too. Discover the MAXX collection.

Printing of folding umbrellas

The customization with your personal imprint can be placed discreetly on the outer cover or at the closure band. There are also many types of our umbrellas which offers the possibility to place a doming into the end of the handle. The classical advertising effect is to place your logo or slogan directly on one or more single panels.