Regular Umbrellas with logo

Don't let your customers out in the rain. Umbrellas are multifunctional and various advertising presents and are gladly used in almost every industry.

This you should know about regular umbrellas

Many customers  firstly choose the colour of the umbrella, ’cause the colour should fit to the company and the advertising message. We offer a huge selection of advertising umbrellas.

You can select your favourable handle: straight handle or hook handle, made of wood, plastic or ABS soft touch.

Most of the umbrellas are roundly and divided into eight panels. We can also place multi-colour printings on several panels.

Here we also have possibility – for a fast delivery – to print parts of the umbrellas in Germany with our modern laser screen printing machine or to add a doming on the handle.

Many models can also be printed on the cover or the closure band. There are umbrellas with manual opening and automatic umbrellas   with different diameters and stick lengths.

Our experienced staff are pleased to advice you.

Further information on regular umbrellas