Bridal Gown Covers – Our Collection

What you need to know before you buy bridal gown bags
Our bridal gown covers and carrier bags provide a valuable sales tool in retail stores. They help in the presentation of the gowns, guarantee privacy to the customer and protect against dust and dirt during transportation – an accessory with high perceived value for your customers.

Selection & Functionality of wedding dress bags
Let us help you select the perfect bridal gown covers and carry bags for your store. Our garment bags are made to be both, attractive and highly functional: quality zippers, a transparent pocket (for invoices or alteration instructions), and a loop on the bottom seam for the garment hanger, allowing the bag to be folded for ease of transport.

Long-Term Advertising with bridal gown covers
As your logo is not visible on the bridal gown itself, your name is not promoted at all. Get long-term advertising results with your good name – and gown covers with your logo from us.

Printing your logo on the bags
We handle all print orders ourselves, including preparing your logo for printing, if necessary. Our in house services assure you a short order lead time, low cost and high quality. Our printed articles have excellent color coverage and precise, defined edges.

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