PP Garment bags - what you need to know before you buy

Imprinted garment bags and totes are perceived by retail customers to be a useful high quality item. No other premium give-away provides the same ratio of “perceived value” (to the recipient) despite the actual low cost. Our printed zipper bags and totes offer excellent value and outstanding quality. Know what will set your business apart from the others: the imprinted garment bags and totes with your logo provide an elegant touch and enhance your customer’s buying decision.

High Quality Materials
We use exclusively 100% PP (Polypropylene), no recycled materials and no fillers (for example, talcum powder or chalk). Although these additives would make the products cheaper, they drastically lower both, the tear resistance of the materials (the material would rip like paper!) and UV resistance. All our PP bags, including their components, do not contain AZO-dyes, forbidden plasticizers etc. and meet all REACH-Specifications.

Long term advertising
Develop a long term advertising concept with your good name. Our garment bags, suit covers and totes raise the standard with excellent craftsmanship and beautiful colors. We take special care with our printing process to achieve precisely defined edges and complete color coverage. We print most of our PP products on the matt side of the material. Although this is a more complicated process than printing on the smooth side, the resulting high quality print is worth the effort.

Vibrant colors, deep black material
Our black bags have a rich carbon-black color and a very fine surface texture; our colored garment bags have vivid, beautiful colors.

Excellent Rigidity
Our fabrics have a very high level of rigidity; our 75 gram materials have the same look and feel of other 100 gram materials.

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